Pay Your Bill

After Hours & Online
You can now pay your bill online using our payment portal located here. Alternatively you can pay via phone at 877-885-7968. We also have a secure drop box just outside the front door.


During Business Hours & At Our Office
We accept payments by cash, check or credit card at our office or you can make a check payment through the mail. Credit card payments at our office must be made in person. We cannot accept credit card payments over our office phone number.

Please Note: All credit card payments over the phone must be made by calling the Pay by Phone number above. If you have a problem with a payment made through the Pay by Phone service (credit card or e-check), please call 866-917-7368 and speak to a payment center representative. We are unable to provide assistance with payments made through the Pay by Phone service from our office. If you call 866-917-7368 you will get a real person who works at the payment center who can help you with any problems.

Automated Payments
• We offer automatic recurring payments (additional fees apply) and this can be setup from the Pay Online button above! Also note that our customers with multiple accounts will be able to link their accounts together for one payment (individual fees for each account payment application apply).
• We also offer Direct Debit from your bank account with no additional fee. If you don’t already have this set up, see our form here to have your payment drafted on the due date. No more worries about late fees!

Payment by e-check is $1.10. Payment by credit or debit card is 3.00% of the payment amount + 50 cents. The 50 cents is waived if the payment is over $100. The Processing center will charge a $35 NSF fee for returned items and TriSUD will charge a $28 fee.

Reminder: If you pay your bill through your bank’s online billpay, they have to process a check and mail it to us. Your bank account may show the funds removed from your account, but it takes a week to 10 days for the check to reach our office. It does NOT transfer electronically.